You can upgrade most Motorola types and with this tool you can root your Motorola Droid. And how to root your Motorola Droid?

  • Make sure your Motorola phone is disconnected from the computer.
  • Open the RSD Lite 5.6 RAR file and extract the contents. Now double click the RSD Lite 5.6 Icon and begin the installation. Proceed with the installation by agreeing with the terms and conditions, and complete the installation fully. Once it has been installed, click and open RSD Lite program.
  • Now, connect your Motorola droid to the PC via USB and as soon as it gets detected, press and hold the power button and shut the phone off.
  • Now, slide open the keyboard of your Motorola Droid 2.1. If the phone is facing you with the USB cable towards your left, the rocker button will be located at the bottom. Press the rocker button up and press and hold the power button for about five seconds.
  • The phone will enter into the bootloader mode. Now from the set of the files you have downloaded from above, find the file with the .rdf extension, choose that and click Start in the RSD Lite software.
  • Wait till the proress bar shows 100 per cent. If it displays the status as “in progress” but the progress bar shows a full 100 percent, that’s considered done as well.
  • Restart your phone. You will now see Superuser in the App drawer along with the list of other apps on your phone. Your phone is successfully rooted.


Download Motorola RSD Multi Flasher 6.1.4