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    BB 9700 BOLD kode kunci yang bandel

    apabila kita telah melakukan wife, upgrade dan downgrade tapi kode kunci belum dapat di ilang kan berikut trik nya

    silahkan di baca dan di pahami:

    Step 1
    Ensure the Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed using Blackberry Internet Service, and not Blackberry Enterprise Server. If you are unsure, it would probably be a good idea to uninstall the Desktop Manager and start again.
    If you don't have the CD that came with your Blackberry, the Software can be downloaded here.

    Step 2
    Download the file policy.bin and save it in your Blackberry installation directory (C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry).

    Step 3
    Wipe your Blackberry, creating a backup if necessary. Select Options/Security/Wipe on the Device.
    If this option is unavailable, you may have to install the latest software on your Blackberry. You need to Download and install the latest Desktop Manger Software, then the latest Handheld Software. Connect your device, open the Desktop Manager, select Application Loader, and follow the prompts.

    Step 4
    Close the Desktop Manager if it is open.

    Step 5
    From the Windows Start Menu select Run..., and at the prompt type regedit. In the tree on the left hand side, navigate to:
    HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager
    Right-Click the Policy Manager Folder and select New/String Value. Name the value Path. Now, Double-Click the Path Subkey and set Value Data to:
    C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin

    Step 6
    Open the Desktop Manager.

    Step 7
    Connect the Device.
    Once complete, the Options/Security screen on your Blackberry should not contain references to an IT Policy, you should now be able to change all settings (including password prompts), and install Third Party Applications.

    Its working perfectly on 9700 bold.

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    mantap gan...
    bisa dicoba tuh...

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    nice...belom pernah dicoba trik yang ini.

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    kalo saya biasanya factory pake bbsak lebih simple
    newbie coba koment

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    Bagus nih... nice share master

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    thanks nice info

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