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    :update: Volcano sukses read coolsand cpu cross v10

    baudrate biasa,pake boot _b via usb

    langsung aja log nya

    Volcano Updated: 2013-02-16
    Connection successful,connected state!
    Version: V3.8
    After format or Flash you have to press & hold power button for at least 1.30 mins.
    Available Ports:COM1 COM4 COM31 COM32
    Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
    Vcc: 4
    Gnd: 2
    RX: 7, TX: 9

    please press Power on/off button...
    please press Power on/off button...
    CPU ID: 880A 7002
    Flash ID : 00C84016
    Flash Type: SF_GD25Q32
    Flash Len :0x400000(4M)
    Reading completed.
    >>The data has been saved in D:\Softwares\FIRMWARE\CHINA\CROSS\CROSS V10 COOLSAND.bin, size: 4 M.

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    Volcano the besth cpu coolsand

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    klo bisa di sertakan dengan firmwarenya bos,,,,ada pasien nich..ku flash pakek tx rx malah matot hpnya,,,,

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    lagi cari firmwarenya v10, belum nemu gan

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